Meditational Yoga is a unique practice that combines yoga and meditation into one and delivers the benefits of both.

The book describes a simple practice that you can follow with confidence in the comfort of your own home.

By using:

  • full yoga breath - enables lungs to be used to their full capacity and improves their health

  • focussed breathing - enhances the self-healing power of the body

  • visualisation - enables the breath to be directed to muscles or particular parts of the body to relax these

you are able to connect with your body and reach a near state of meditation.

​This then forms the core of the practice of meditational yoga, to be observed through its entireity. 
Asanas in the practice are kept simple for you to be able to perform them properly without any supervision, yet are effective and deliver their full benefits.

The practice includes a number of Pranayamas which have significant benefits for the health and functioning of the internal organs, particularly the lungs

Asanas and pranayamas are in turn followed by limbering exercises to maintain the flexibility and suppleness in the joints.

Regular practice will not only give you better health, help reduce and even eliminate some of the acute problems but also help you achieve inner peace.


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