Success Stories

As the site has just been launched and I am waiting for feedback, I would like to mention briefly about my own experience of the practice.

How did meditational yoga help me

In my early fifties, I did extensive travelling around the country and sitting in the car for these long periods gave me numerous back problems. Then a few years later, I acquired this British gift of hay-fever which developed into mild asthma in summer. As the age progressed I developed coronary heart disease resulting in a stent being placed in one of the arteries. I also developed tendonitis in the right heel and rheumatoid arthritis in the left knee, which required recurring aspirations. When I had to have a stent put in for the third time, I decided enough was enough and I needed to do something about my health. I told my cardiologist that it will be the last time that I am seeing him and I will not need to consult him again in future.

I had taken a teachers diploma in yoga some years ago and had also taken classes at the local gym and few other places but I had not followed it regularly.

So, this turning point in my life brought me back to yoga and I started practising it daily. I started reflecting on what was the yoga practice like when I used to visit the ‘ashram’ in Delhi, and I started building that into my practice. A few years later I was introduced to swami Ramdev, a yogic phenomena in India, and got drawn to ‘pranayamas’ and included these also into my practice. 


Gradually my practice got refined into what I now describe as meditational yoga and I follow this religiously every day.

I am now 75 years and happy to say that all the problems mentioned above are just history. Not only that, I find myself so much at peace with myself.