About the book

The book is a compendium on yoga covering history and types of yoga and meditation and chapters covering breathing, chakras and human anatomy. The illustrated yoga practice that has been detailed in the book keeps the asanas simple which are effective and make it suitable for all ages and abilities.

Special attention is paid to the pranayams which are known to have significant benefits in improving and maintaining the health of the inner organs.

About the author

I was introduced to yoga at the young age of 10, when my father started taking me along to a yoga ashram in the Aravali hills in Delhi during the summer holidays.

In 1970, after my graduation as an electronics engineer, I moved to London. Here my interest in yoga was reignited and I took a diploma in teacher training with the British Wheel of Yoga.

I have taught and practised yoga for many years and meditational yoga is a culmination of my life’s experience in this field.

Meditational yoga brings your body close to a state of meditation, which, as well as enhancing the health benefits of the practice, helps you to gain control of your mind, develop a feeling of being in the ‘here and now’ and achieve inner peace.